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Wool Relief in Need

(Although Wool Relief in Need is not part of Holy Rood Church, some church members help in running this local charity.)

Wool Relief in Need is a local charity aimed at persons resident in the Parish of Wool who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress.

The charity may make grants of money or provide or pay for items, services or facilities calculated to reduce the need, hardship or distress of such persons.

Income from the charity may not be used in the direct relief of rates, taxes or other public funds. Income will also not be used for repeat applications.


Some examples where relief may be given:

    Weekly allowances for a limited period to meet a particular need.

    Special payments to relieve sudden distress, sickness or infirmity.

    Payments of travelling expenses for such persons entering or leaving hospital, convalescent homes or similar institutions, or for relatives visiting such institutions particularly where more frequent visits are desirable than payments from public funds will allow.

    Provision of items for such as gifts of furniture, bedding, clothing, food, fuel, heating appliances. Loans for expensive items such as radios or televisions.

    Supply of books, tools or payment of fees for instruction or examination or travelling expenses to help persons make a living.

    Arrangements for a recuperative holiday or change of air for those long deprived of this.


Help that may be given in particular when such persons are also old, sick, convalescent, disabled handicapped or infirm, whether mentally or physically:

o Provision of items either outright or if expensive and appropriate, on loan such as special food, medical or other aids, nursing requisites or comforts; television or radio sets for the lonely, bedridden or housebound, television licenses, washing machines suitable for soiled clothing and bed linen.

o Provision of services such as bathing, escort services, exchange of library books, foot care, gardening, hair washing, shaving, help in the home house decorating and repairs, laundering, meals on wheels, nursing aid.


Contacts for Applying for a Grant

Bids for a grant should be via the trustees:

Mr John Williams Tel 462146






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