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Our location map - church building is marked.


Above street map is from: https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=15/50.6793/-2.2375


 More detailed Street Map


Benefice of West Purbeck

Holy Rood, Wool (you are here) - http://www.holyroodwool.org/

St John the Baptist, Bere Regis - http://www.bereregiswithaffpuddle.org.uk/bere-regis

St Laurence, Affpuddle - http://www.bereregiswithaffpuddle.org.uk/affpuddle


Our Church School

Wool CE Primary School Website


Our Diocese

Salisbury Diocese Newsletter ("Grapevine")


Tax Efficient Giving

1. Planned Giving via Holy Rood

Thank you to all those who plan their giving towards the work of Godís Church. This really does help to structure the church budget in order to better prepare for and plan our mission here. If you currently use envelopes, it would really help us if you could please consider setting up a Standing Order with your bank. This saving us the cost of the weekly envelopes and may be easier for many people to operate than having to find cash for the envelopes. (Many of you did that last year and so we have been able to reduce the number of envelopes needed.)

You can give even more efficiently (but only if you are a taxpayer) by also allowing the church to benefit (at no extra cost to you) from Gift Aid. If you do this, the church can reclaim basic rate tax you have already paid on the money you give.

If you require further details about standing orders, Gift Aid or have any other questions then please do not hesitate to speak to Chris Corteen or contact her on 01929 - 462642.

The only details you would need to give the church are your name and address, the number and name of the bank account you will pay from, and a simple declaration by you that you are actually a taxpayer and that you want the church to reclaim the Gift Aid. (No details of income or other private information are needed or obtained.)

Other ways to arrange planned giving

2. Stewardship is a well-established Christian organisation very experienced in dealing with tax efficient giving, not only helping you give to churches like Holy Rood but also other charities and even some Christian workers. It has resources and advice to help all aspects of charitable giving for Christians and Christian organisations. It enables planned giving into an account with Stewardship, from which donations may be made in various ways, including one-off donations, charity cheques, or standing orders, to any number of other churches and charitable organisations.

3. (Charities Aid Foundation, although better known, is not a specifically Christian organisation but also is available to help in a similar way with tax efficient giving.)


Reading the Bible

Online bibles

Online Parallel Bible

Net Bible

Lumina Bible

Vine's Dictionary

Daily readings

Daily Bread

CWR books of daily notes e.g. Every Day with Jesus and Life Every Day

Bible Reading Fellowship

Scripture Union's "WordLive" - a daily resource (and one that is free! - although donations to S.U. are welcomed). It's well written, and available by daily email as well as on the web where it includes a lively well-moderated discussion group.



Local to Wool

Wool Methodist Chapel

Cornerstone Church East Burton (Not its own website)

St Joseph's RC Church, Wool

Wider afield

Church of England

Diocese of Salisbury

Salisbury Diocese Sudan Link

A Church Near You

Anglicans Online

Legal C of E stuff


Historical and architectural

Online Parish Clerk


Local villages in our parish

Wool Parish Council website

Coombe Keynes Community website

East Stoke (Online Parish Clerk)


Local villages and adjacent parishes

West Lulworth

Wareham Churches and Wareham Town Council

Moreton Church

Bere Regis Church and Bere Regis village website












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