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Arriving by car

If you want to find the Holy Rood Church building using a satnav, you may like to know the Church Building's postcode is:

BH20 6DD

Bear in mind this will probably guide you up narrow and winding Church Lane - where parking is extremely limited. Do read the parking section below for more details.

On the subject of postcodes, the church building is a very bad choice for addressing any letters: do use the Vicarage postcode BH20 6EB (see Who's Who page) instead for correspondence.



This is a source of great difficulty. There is some on-street parking in Wool, but it all involves a walk up Church Lane. The area in this part of Wool is a conservation area with narrow lanes not designed for cars.

Dogs are not permitted on the school grounds.

Please don't use the very limited parking in front of the church in Church Lane (see below) - it is reserved for use by those with restricted mobility.

Wherever you park, please be considerate to residents who frequently go in and out of their drives in their vehicles.


Car parking in Church Lane - warning!

Church Lane is narrow, winding, and is a moderately busy cul-de-sac with narrow blind corners and no footpath. Whether driving or walking, great care is needed at all times.

Parking in Church Lane is extremely limited and before services the limited road space in front of Church should all be reserved for the disabled. Please always bear in mind the needs of residents, farm and emergency vehicles, delivery lorries, hearses, bridal cars, etc. all using this road.

Please do not park so as to obstruct the church's only disabled access (the gate marked with a blue sign on the left as you look at the churchyard wall from the road). Note this is not up to modern standards.

Please do not park in the turning area in the dead end at the top of Church Lane, as this prevents other vehicles from turning round, and blocks access to fields for large farm vehicles that may be forced to squeeze past your car. Contrary to most people's expectations, this is a very active agricultural area.

If you require further advice please email the office:

Benefice Office Hours

The Benefice Office is open as follows:

Wednesday afternoons 1.30pm - 4.30 pm
Friday mornings 9.30am - 12.30pm

(Covid-19 restrictions: Please do not call in without an appointment.)

Office contact number is 07729 484866

Email address: westpurbeckoffice@gmail.com

(Telephone messages will be dealt with during office hours only.)



Disabled access

We currently have some difficulty providing disabled access but it is just about possible, as follows.


The main entrance to Holy Rood Church, on your right as you look from the road (Church Lane), is unfortunately not recommended by any of our current wheelchair users. (It involves getting any wheelchairs up the fairly steep and awkward, hence potentially dangerous, slope. Getting down it, is worse.)


The gate in via the school is locked, along with the rest of the school grounds, and cannot be relied on.


However there is a firm gravel slope that is a bit less steep, although still not ideal. It is accessed via the south gate, to the left of the churchyard wall as you look from the road. This allows possible wheelchair access by going right up the path and then turning right, going round the church, to get into the main north porch entrance on the other side. There is a wooden ramp left in place within the north porch which helps access over the step up into the church. (The north porch is on your right looking up from the road.)

Remember we normally would have a Wednesday morning Communion service at the D'Urberville Hall in Colliers Lane (see the Events and Services pages). This venue has a safer disabled access and usually has much easier parking. This is currently not held due to Covid-19 concerns.


There are lavatory facilities (with disabled access) in Holy Rood Churchyard. The toilet is located beside the store on the south west side of the main church building. (It is usually left unlocked during services or else can be unlocked by the duty sidesperson or verger on request.)


Hearing impairment

We do have a sound system with a hearing loop. Hearing aid users may wish to use the T setting.



Location map - church building location is marked (mid-right edge).


Above street map is at:











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